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Birth Defects of Spinal Cord Treatment - Dr. KV Shivanand Reddy

Birth Defects of the Spinal Cord are congenital abnormalities that affect the development of the spinal cord in infants. These conditions can cause various impairments in motor function, sensory perception, and other neurological functions.

Spinal cord birth defects are abnormalities that occur during fetal development, affecting the structure or function of the spinal cord. These defects can vary in severity and can impact the individual's ability to move, feel sensations, and control bodily functions.

Some common spinal cord birth defects include: Spina Bifida, Tethered Spinal Cord, Spinal Cord Lipoma, and Spinal Cord Cysts.

The exact causes of spinal cord birth defects are often multifactorial and can involve genetic, environmental, and nutritional factors. Factors such as maternal nutrition, folic acid deficiency, certain medications, and genetic predisposition may play a role.

Diagnosing spinal cord birth defects often involves a combination of prenatal screening tests, ultrasound examinations, and fetal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). These tests help evaluate the structure and development of the spinal cord, identify any abnormalities, and determine the severity of the condition.

Dr K V Shivanand Reddy, a highly skilled neurosurgeon, specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of birth defects of the spinal cord. With his extensive qualifications, experience, and expertise in neurosurgery, he offers advanced surgical techniques, rehabilitative therapies, and personalized treatment plans.

Dr K V Shivanand Reddy understands the emotional and physical impact that spinal cord birth defects can have on individuals and their families. He and his team are dedicated to providing compassionate care and support throughout the treatment process.

Dr K V Shivanand Reddy offers a range of treatment options for birth defects of the spinal cord, including Surgical Interventions, Supportive Care, and Rehabilitation.

Seek expert care for spinal cord birth defects and schedule a consultation with Dr K V Shivanand Reddy at Care Hospital Malakpet, Hyderabad.

Together, let’s work towards improving your quality of life and helping you navigate this challenging journey.

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